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1. Change the words by homophones in a way that the sentence makes sense. a) Their are three bedrooms in hour house. b) I can here you, but Ican’t sea you. c) My sun lives near the see. d) There daughter could right when she was two. e) I no my answers are write. f) Know, eye can’tcome to your party! 2. Write the simple past and the translation of the following verbs. a) give b) sleep c) win d) meet e) choose f) spend 3.Complete the sentences with the correct indefinite pronouns (some, any no + its compounds, e.g.: somebody, anything, etc.) a) Did you meet niceat the party? b) Ouch! There’s in my eye! c) Did you buy in the shopping mall? No, . I didn’t have any money. d) Let’s go cold this vacation.e) I´m bored. There´s interesting to do. 4. When do I use: a few, few, a little, little a) uncountable nouns, positive meaning b) uncountablenouns, negative meaning c) countable nouns, positive meaning d) countable nouns, negative meaning

5. Complete the sentences with parts of thebody. a) We see with our b) We eat with our c) We smell with our d) We walk with our e) We hear with our . . . . .

6. Complete thesentences with the simple past or past continuous of the verbs in parentheses. a) They b) John him. (call) c) The girl (ride) d) The boys (start) (run)when I them. (meet) to music (listen) when his girlfriend _ off her bike (fall) while she soccer (play) when it _ in the park. to rain.