The use of self of the drug addict counselor – therapist

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  • Publicado : 15 de janeiro de 2013
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do "The use of self of the drug addict counselor – therapist’’

"The use of self of the drug addict counselor – therapist’’
Treatment for drug addiction should be directed basically to people whoactually become addicted to drugs, ie those considered addicts. It does not apply to treatment who only occasionally consumes alcohol or use drugs. There Several types of treatment of drug addiction,for example:     medical treatment; therapies cognitive and behavior; psychotherapies; Self-help groups (like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous), therapeutic communities, among others.However, none of these models can help to account for all types of dependencies and dependents. If some may benefit more from a given model others require different other alternatives. It's widespreadmodel of drug addiction treatment that uses ex-drug addicts as agents "therapeutic" as a person who went through the same problem can help the addict to identify with it and understand theirproblems. It is important, but we observed that the positive effects of an approach essentially depend on the technical skills of the professionals involved. Experts have been conducting research on addictionin recent years to determine what kinds of dependents benefit more from one or other help. However it should be noted that the medical-psychological approaches (involving both the resources ofmedicine and psychology) have proven more effective in most cases. Most models of treating dependence on drugs mainly focuses in drug dependency. Although this is really the central point Which leads theperson to seek treatment, addicts have other problems often associated with drug abuse. It is extremely important that these disorders receive due attention, because if they are not treated well thereis a high probability the person back to being dependent. For example, dependent drug which also has depression (which is very frequent!) Should not only be treated dependence, but also the of...