The student perspective of majoring in international business in a foreign country

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Aloisio Augusto Abreu Barros - Graduated in Business Administration from Lewis University / Chicago, Student Accounting FUMEC

When we think of starting for an exchange weknow the barriers and difficulties. But do we really know enough?
Since differences of cultures, climates, working, among others.

To clarify a little more around this issue, Aloisio began his lectureby telling us that he went to Lewis University, to do International Business Administration, through his performance playing soccer.
To win the scholarship you must have good grades and a goodsports performance guarantee.
Aloisio also did volunteer work for the community support.

He explained that almost everyone experiences culture shock when they come to a completely new environment.Everything is different: the language, the food, the plumbing, and the people.
The experience of culture shock comes from not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new environment, and not knowingwhat is appropriate or inappropriate.

One of the most difficult parts of experiencing culture shock is that we often are unaware that we're affected.
One point that was emphasized was the factthat the college require another stage in país.Para Aloisio was a great opportunity, where he began his work in Brazil through a consultancy. Analysts found its university internship report a success!Strengths:

_ Experience: Aloisio matured personally and professionally in a short period of time.

_ Because of its excellent performance, universade signed commitment to teach Portuguese.

_Technology: resources abroad to study are very advanced. In Lewis each student had an Ipad to perform searches.

_ Each student could choose a club with various subjects such as fashion, chess,mathematics and others. Aloisio founded a fishing club.


Interchange is a great opportunity not only to learn languages, but to live with other cultures.

The young man is forced to...
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