The balad of rudolph

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"The Ballad of Rudolph Reed"

Gwendolyn Brooks is a revolutionary African American female poet who writes about poverty, social injustice, family dynamics, discrimination, hate, power, urban life,hegemony, liberation, multiculturalism, oppression and social constructions. Her work is respected by many institutions, and she has been awarded countless fellowships, awards and honorary degrees. In1950 Gwendolyn Brooks became the first African American poet to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry and since then, the amount of titles Gwendolyn has been awarded for her writing, literature andpoetry contributions has escalated.
The poem called, "The Ballad of Rudolph Reed," is about a black family who moves to a white neighborhood, which results in violence, and ultimately death.
The Balladof Rudolph Reed is a poem with strong social themes such as racism and ethnic discrimination and economic. The poem is an heroic ballad content because the lyrical I is a black man who will fight forthe protection of his family. The first stanza begins by describing the color and personality of Rudolph Reed. It is important to note that this name has strong alliteration of the consonant sounds / r/ and / d /, which suggests, as already mentioned, the notion of strength and character of the lyrical self. The wife and daughters of Rudolph Reed wants to have a house in a white neighborhood, butwhen this desire is realized, the attacks begin racist whites against the newcomers.
Thus, the family home starts being targeted by stones that white neighbors shoot with hatred and intolerance. Inone of these attacks, the daughter of Rudolph Reed is hit by a stone, causing bleeding from the forehead of the innocent child. The father, protector and defender of his family and angry at whathappened, leaves his home to search for perpetrators and ends murdering four white men, but is killed by other whites and seeing him lifeless on the floor are still able to kick his body and shouting...
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