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  • Publicado : 4 de abril de 2013
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Programme 2013/14

Led by Professor Clare Johnston, the Textiles
programme at the RCA offers world-class
practice and research. Textiles students employ
traditionaland innovative skills while exploring
constantly evolving materials and technology.
They create diverse solutions that span many
disciplines and design applications, including
fashion, interiors,automotive design and
gallery installation.
The interface between materials and
making creates a challenging and dynamic
environment, frequently employing
multidisciplinary and collaborativemethods
to express the breadth of textiles, through the
contexts of ‘Body’ and ‘Space’.
Personal research and an individual design
philosophy are at the heart of the Textiles
postgraduate programme.Students are
required to apply to one of the four MA Textile
specialisms of Print, Knit, Mixed Media and
Weave. To support this, there are specialist
technicians for all programme machinery

Textiles at the RCA has a thriving research
community with MPhil and PhD students
supervised by staff who are international
experts in their field, creating a vibrant staff
andstudent research culture. The programme
also houses the interdisciplinary ‘Materials
for Living’ Research Hub which hosted the
‘Inspiring Matter’ conference in April 2012.
The Textiles programmeencourages
many opportunities for collaborative and
interdisciplinary work within the College itself,
as well as collaborations with world-leading
industry partners, including Swarovski, Intel;
Audi,IFF, Monsoon, Bicester Village, Crown
Paints, Jaguar Land Rover, WGSN, Rowan, LG,
Skopos, Marks & Spencer and Daks.
The programme has strong affiliations with
other international art and designinstitutions
such as Tama Art University, Kyoto University
and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


The Royal College of Art is rightly proud of its graduates’ achievements.