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DungeonQuest is a lighthearted, free for all, push your luck, Dungeon Crawler for 1-4 players. It is a race against time where you delve into a dungeon, plunder it's riches, and try to escape with the most treasure before the dungeon closes slaying anyone still left inside. This is actually a remake of DungeonQuest a long out of print game from the 1980's.

What's In The Box

When youopen the box you are presented with a thick board, over 300 small game cards, 6 plastic hero figures, over 100 cardboard dungeon tiles, numerous tokens, 4 six sided dice, and some bonus bits for use in three other Fantasy Flight Games based in the world of Terrinoth.

This is a typical Fantasy Flight Game box, it holds the components extremely loosely so make sure you have Ziploc baggies andrubber bands handy to sort everything.

While I might grouse about Fantasy Flights box layouts, I definitely cannot complain about the component quality. The board is a very solid, folding, full color affair. One side of the board has a plainly labeled spot to lay all the various game cards. The other side has a sun track counting down the turns until the game ends.

There are 117Dungeon Chamber tiles. The card stock again is thick, they are full color, and they even have extra little graphical images to make the dungeon tiles seem more "realistic". Adding in small touches like fireplaces, spider webs, gaping chasms, planks, portcullis, doors, uneven ground, and even stone tiles. To understand that I'll use Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game tiles for a counterpoint, which are fairly drab minimalistic affairs with little in the way of extra graphical flourishes.

There are also dozens of smaller tokens with various uses such as wound tokens, determination tokens, catacomb entrance markers and travel markers. Again full color high quality thick cardboard throughout. Even the Catacomb Markers use artwork to represent each character. Nice qualityall throughout.

DungeonQuest uses a dozen different card draw piles. There are Catacomb cards (pictured), Combat cards, Corpse cards, Crypt cards, Door cards, Dragon cards, Dungeon cards, Power cards, Rune cards, Search cards, Trap cards, and finally Treasure cards. While I will never be a fan of the Leprechaun sized cards Fantasy Flight seems to produce over and over again, I will admitthat these cards are very nice to look at.

Each card type has a different full color back making them easy to separate into their respective piles on the game board during game set up.

The front of the cards contain full color artwork, game text, and other minor artistic additions. For example Rune cards look like a dungeon floor, search cards look like a leather bound tome,and dragon cards look like an iron clasp bound tome. All of this Definitely adds to the theme of the game. Finally the card stock seems to be standard Fantasy Flight quality.

Components And Presentation Verdict:9.25/10 If Fantasy Flight would ditch the mini-cards and include some kind of tray organizer this would easily be a perfect 10.

How Does It Play?

The DungeonQuest rule bookis 32 pages long, although it includes an extreme amount of "fluff". There are numerous diagrams, pages of combat examples, thematic writings, optional rules, and full color artwork.

The basic premise of the game involves players exploring the dungeon by moving their heroes and placing Dungeon chambers onto the game board. Heroes try to work their way to the Dragon Treasure Hoard room in thecenter of the board, plunder the hoard, and escape with the most treasure before the Dungeon seals ending the game for anyone who has not escaped. Usually though, no Heroes survive the dungeon. In this case, all of the players lose and the Dragon Kalladra lies victorious taunting you to try again.

Setup involves 10 easy steps.
1: Place the game board
2: Place all of the Dungeon chambers...
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