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|Disciplina|Inglês Intro B |
|Portfólio N° |1|

Gustavo Lopes da Silva - 915309

: Portfólio


|Falar sobre alimentos, saúde e refeições. Descreveresportes. |


|Complete os exercícios abaixo:|

1) Answer the questions below. Give complete answers:

a) Do you ever have fish for breakfast? No, Inever have fish for breakfast
b) What do you usually have at your favorite restaurant? ______________________________________________
c) What do you usually have for breakfast? I have coffee,milk and bread
d) Do you like sports? No, I don’t
e) What’s your favorite sport? My favorite sport is soccer and volley ball
f) How often do you practice? I don’t practice any sportg) Who do you play with? I play with my friends

2) Complete with some or any.

a) I want some ketchup on my pizza.
b) Do you have any meat?
c) Let’s have some coffee.
d) We don’t needany tomatoes.
e) I don’t put any sugar in my juice.
f) Do you have any bread?
g) I don’t use some jam.
h) There are some grapes in the fridge.
i) There isn’t any cheese on the table.
j) Let’sget some pepper.

3) Write the words in the correct order.

a) put/ Brazilians / their / often / food / pepper / in.
Brazilian often put a paper their in food.
b) sometimes / people...
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