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Configuring the system for the scenario
Use this section of the scenario to configure the IBM® eServer™ OpenPower™ 710 system for installing the Linux® operating system on a full system partition.1. Connect a computer with a terminal emulator by a null modem serial cable to the OpenPower server serial port 1. Use these communication parameters: 19200 bps, 8N1.

2. Log in usingadmin as both the default user ID and password. During the initial login, you will also be prompted to enter the following: User ID to change, current password for current user, New password for user, andNew password again. You can choose to change the user ID and password, or you can reenter the default login and password, admin.

3. Enter the number of columns for the display. Press Enter toaccept the default (80) or type another number and press Enter.

4. Enter the number of lines for the display. Press Enter to accept the default (24) or type another number and press Enter.5. At the configuration menu, select Network Services.

6. Select Network Configuration.

7. Select Configure interface Eth0.

8. Select Static. At a minimum, enter thesettings that are appropriate for your system for options 1-6. You may also set options 7 and 8.

The settings include the following options:
1. Host name
2. Domain name
3. IPaddress
4. Subnet mask
5. Default gateway
6. IP address of first DNS server
7. IP address of second DNS server
8. IP address of third DNS server

9. SelectSave settings. Enter 1 to confirm.

10. Select Return to the previous menu three times.

11. At the configuration menu, select Power/Restart Control.

12. Select Power On/Off System.13. Select Boot to system server firmware.

14. Select Standby. You will return to the previous menu.

15. Select Power on. Press Enter to continue (this can take several minutes)....