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Template Manager for OneNote 2010

Template manager is a tool that enables the creation or personalization of customized templates. You can create templates with company logos, or templates thatcontain text, tables, ink, charts or any other type of OneNote content that can be applied directly to a page. Here's how it works:

· Exit OneNote and run Setup.msi to install thetool for OneNote 2010.
· Follow the prompts in the Installation wizard.
· Run OneNote and click on Insert -> Template Manager in the ribbon

The Templates tab is used for templateorganization. Here you can apply, edit, change properties, or delete a template.

Apply template to:
To apply a template, choose the scope for which you wish to apply the template.
· Page:
·This page: applies the selected template to the current page in OneNote.
· New page: creates a new page in the current section and applies the selected template.
· Selected pages: applies the selectedtemplate to all selected pages in the current section.
· Section:
· This section: applies the selected section to all pages in the current section in OneNote.
· Section group:
· This sectiongroup: applies the selected template to all pages in the current section group in OneNote.
· Notebook
· This notebook: applies the selected template to all pages in the current notebook in OneNote.Apply:
Executes the application of the selected template to the selected scope in OneNote.

Deletes the selected template.

Allows you to make changes to the selected template.Properties:
Allows you to view or change the properties of the template:
· Template name
· Template description

New Template:
This feature allows you to create a new customized template inOneNote. You can create a new template based on existing content on the current page, or you can create a template from scratch.

Use the Name field to enter a name for your template. For...