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Der Großmann
Oh kay… That is creepy. Where did the Slender Man come from? Did his idea spontaneously come to us on SAF?
I've been following the signs for quite some time.
There are woodcuts dated back to the 16th century in Germany featuring a tall, disfigured man with only whitespheres where his eyes should be. They called him "Der Großmann" [Sic], the tall man.
He was a fairy who lived in the Black Forest. Bad children who crept into the woods at night would be chased by Der Großmann, and he wouldn't leave them alone until he caught them, or the child told the parents what he or she had done.

Even then, there is this chilling account from an old journal, dating around1702:
(Translated from German, some words may be inaccurate)
"My child, my Lars… he is gone. Taken, from his bed. The only thing that we found was a scrap of black clothing. It feels like cotton, but it is softer… thicker.
Lars came into my bedroom yesterday, screaming at the top of his lungs that "The angel is outside!" I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me some nonsense fairystory about Der Großmann. He said he went into the groves by our village and found one of my cows dead, hanging from a tree.
I thought nothing of it at first…But now, he is gone. We must find Lars, and my family must leave before we are killed. I am sorry my son…I should have listened. May God forgive me."
There is more evidence of the slender man, but this is one of the oldest translatableaccounts. Anyone else in the thread found anything like this?

The Tall Man
I know of an old Romanian fairy tale, highly unpopular even in its earliest iterations. It might be based on a particular event, or perhaps it is an extrapolation from existing Slender Man stories. The translation I'm most familiar with goes a bit like this:
Once upon a time there were twin girls, Stela and Sorina. They werebrave little girls, and had no fear of the dark, nor of spiders and other crawling things. Where other young ladies and even young boys would cower, Stela and Sorina would walk with their heads held high. They were good girls, obedient to their mother and father and to the word of God. They were the best children a mother could ask for, and this was their undoing.
One day, Stela and Sorina wereout with their mother gathering berries from the forest. Their mother bid them stay close to her, and they listened, as they were good children. The day was bright and clear, and even as they walked closer to the center of the forest the light barely dimmed. It was nearly bright as noon when they found the tall man.
The tall man stood in a clearing, dressed as a nobleman, all in black. Shadowslay over him, dark as a cloudy midnight. He had many arms, all long and boneless as snakes, all sharp as swords, and they writhed like worms on nails. He did not speak, but made his intentions known.
Their mother tried not to listen, but she could no more disobey the tall man than she could forget how to breathe. She walked into the clearing, her daughters shortly behind her. "Stela," she said,"take my knife, and cut a circle on the ground big enough to lie in." Stela, who was not afraid of the tall man, nor afraid of the quiver in her mother's voice, obeyed what her mother said. "Sorina," the mother said, "take the berries and spread them in the circle, and crush them underfoot until the juice stains the earth." Though Sorina wondered why her mother asked her to do such a thing, she...