Teenage problems

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  • Publicado : 25 de março de 2013
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Teenage Problems

Nowadays teenagers face many problems. They are confused and uncertain about themselfs and life, especially when this is a world of divorce, broken homes, unsafe sex and alcoholabuse. Here I'm going to talk about some of the issues that teenagers deal with and how they affect their life. These issues are body image, divorce, teenage pregnancy and unsafe sex, high-school,drugs and alcohol, eating disorders and acne.

Body image:
«I'm fat. I'm too skinny. I'd be happy if I were taller, shorter, had curly hair, straight hair, a smaller nose, bigger muscles, longerlegs.»

As a teen, our body changes and so does our image. Some of us have problems adjusting, and this can affect our self-esteem. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself canaffect how you act. A person who has high self-esteem will make friends easily, is more in control of his or her behavior, and will enjoy life more.
These changes affect girls and boys in a differentway. Girls usually feel pressure to be thin, embarrassement about their bodies, or that they were developing faster. Boys feel like they don't look big or muscular enough.

Teenage Pregnancy andUnsafe Sex:
At some point, teenagers get sexually involved with each others. Some of the things to consider is pregnancy and STD's. Some of these diseases are HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Tomake sure you don't get any of these, you should use a condom everytime you have sex. It can also prevent you from getting pregnant.

School can be scary. It often means morefreedom of choice in your education, more responsibility and maybe even leaving behind some of your friends. You have got to find your way around your own school, find your locker, meet tonnes of new peopleand deal with those older students that seem so confident and self-assured. But the thing that scares teenagers the most is the work. you are expected to act more independently on you school work...