Teaching philosophy

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Teaching is a journey that is never-ending. It is a process that improves with time. I believe that teaching is to provide students with the necessary knowledge, and skills to succeed in academic, business and personal areas. My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that education is a solution to many social problems. Education provides the tools to make decisions andto become more critical. Therefore, I am working really hard to improve my skills as a teacher.
Teachers have to face that it has been really hard to teach nowadays. Teachers have to transmit not only the knowledge of their subjects, but also the world´s knowledge. Most of the time they don´t have the student´s family to count on and share this task because at the present time the family is notworried about the role they should play in their children´s learning process.
Although there are lots of teaching problems in our society, I keep doing what I love because, in general, this job is very gratifying. When I see all my students speaking English very well, I really forget all these problems. I am very happy to contribute to a person´s better future and see that they will achievesuccess in life.
I really have a particularly strong passion for teaching English. I have been studying English since I was ten years old and this language really attracts me. When I enter a classroom I leave all my problems outside and introduce my passion to my students. I try to get all my students involved in the class and I also try to make them more interested in English by bringing to classmaterial that are interesting, challenging and interactive. I strongly believe that students learn and retain more information if the material is presented in an environment that is interesting and interactive. For this reason, I think that using an array of multimedia including videos, slides, sitcoms and the Internet is an effective way to complement my classes and make them more dynamic, livelyand interesting.
Another thing that I really do to make my students more interested in learning this subject is to show them that it is really important to speak a universal language. I tell them that English is the most widely used language in our planet and it´s very rewarding to understand a person that does not speak our mother language or just to understand what he/she is singing. I reallybelieve that students can practice the oral phase and the written phase at school (but, of course, it will depend on how many students the teacher will have in the classroom). I don´t agree when people say that it is impossible to learn English at school and I tell them that we really can do that. One positive thing I do is to teach them some necessary expressions like: “May I go to therestroom?”, “May I drink some water?” “Repeat, please”, “I don´t understand” on the first day of class because by doing this they have the first contact with the language. I also make some pair works so that they can practice the material they have learned that day. I do this because it allows them start the process of forming relationships because every class I change the students from group they arealready used to. And by doing this they have the opportunity to speak English and meet new friends.
As I am a teacher that is really involved in the process of teaching, I do hope I can go beyond my subject. I know I am a role model for the students, so I really want them to learn from my behavior and personalities. I think that as an educator I should educate for character, especially through teachingrespect and responsibility. I think that as teachers interact with students, it is vital for them to serve as role models of character by making professional judgments and decisions based on societal and moral virtues.
When I think about my teaching style, I believe that I am a little authoritative. In the beginning of my career I believed that I could be flexible to my students, but then I...
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