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S trate gy, P lann ing, a nd O pera tion

Sunil Chopra
Kellogg Schoo l o f M anage ment
Northwestern University

Peter Meindl
S tanfor d University


I-I all

U pper S addle R iver, N ew J ersey


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:::hopra, Sunil
Supply chain m anagement: strategy, planning, and o peration I Sunil Chopra,
>eter M eind!.-3rd ed.
p. em.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN: 0-13-208608-5
1. M arketing c hannels-Management . 2. D elivery o f g oods-Management.
i. Physical distribution of g oods-Management. 4. C ustomer s ervicesvfanagement. 5. I ndustrial procurement. 6. Materials management. I.
vfeindl, P eter II. Title.
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1 0987654321
ISBN: 0-13-208608-5


I w ould l ike to t hank m ycolleagues at Kellogg f or all that I h ave learned f rom
t hem a bout
logistics a nd s upply chain management. I a m grateful f or the love a nd e ncour
ageme nt m y
parents, Krisha n a nd Pushpa, a nd sisters, S udha a nd Swati, h ave always p rovide
d d uring
every endea vor in m y life. I t hank m y children, R avi a nd Rajiv, f or the j oy t
hey have
broug ht me. Finally, n one o fthis w ould h ave been possib le withou t the consta
nt love,
caring, a nd s uppor t o f m y wife, Maria Cristina.
Sunil Chopra

I w ould like to t hank three m entor s-Sun il Chopra, H au Lee, a nd G erry L
ieber man- who
h ave taught m e a great deal. T hank y ou also to m y p arents a nd sister f or their
a nd to m y sons, Jamie a nd Eric, f or m aking m e smile a nd teaching m e...