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A critical essay ‘Moral outrage at rioters fixes nothing: the only remedies are liberal’

This essay will discuss about some positive and negative, points of view, referring to the conflict written by Polly Toynbee, writer of the Guardian ‘Moral outrage at rioters fixes nothing: the only remedies are liberal’ article attached on 12th of August, 2011. In her article, she wrote about the lastriots that happened in London and other cities of United Kingdom.

This essay will comment about the violence, crime and actions by the rioters, their attitudes and the consequences. It will criticize points such as unemployment, non-education, old and new welfare and the implications these have on the rioters; and emphasizing how the governments fail in their decisions which one is so implicitwith another, analysing decision taken by politicians and their decisions.

It will mention about the non-education affecting employment; which t the inevitability effects people’s lives and that the old actions need to be revised to support the poor and transform life in Britain.

All of us know that crime and violence is very popular because attract a large numbers of viewers. It istherefore it is necessary for the police force to take account of their actions. However, all of us know too that some type of crimes are independent of our will, some crimes are made by our impulse.

The Guardian, September, 09, 2011, published an article saying that Mark Duggan, a man that had grown on the state in Tottenham was died during the riots. Mark Duggan death is a controversial case ofcrime, which was the initial revolt of the rioters. Analysing the behaviour of the rioters is perceived that they did not plan their violent attacks, in my point of view, the hysteria took account of the population that were devastated with the death of their dear one. It was a key point of this turmoil that Ms Toynbee did not mention in her article, and that was the match of problem. In anymoment, we must excuses the crimes committed by them, nevertheless, is valid to touch in the first cause that to lead them to commit those crimes.

However, the most cause the indignation of us was the general ‘anarchy’ not only by the rioters, looting, fighting and breaking the laws, but it was the police force that did not make too much effort to protect the shops against the looters. Today, afterone month of riots, the Met police admit that they learn with the lesson. (The Guardian, October, 12, 2011). Gangs are not something new to us; they are gangs of young people that living in area of risk, in community of low income, any education and with lower self-esteem; following sub-cultures. Not because ‘they cannot because they do not look for their chance, because they do not know aboutit. They are not encouraged to make something different of their lives; they live in communities of ‘high risk’ in family in the same condition, over generations. (Cloward, R., and Ohlin, L., 1960) in their studies boys’ gangs, said:

“When such boys find they are unable to realize their goals, they become particularly prone to delinquent activity”. “… Gangs arise in subcultural communities wherethe chances of achieving success are small, such as among deprived ethnic minorities in inner city areas”. (Giddens, A. 2009, pp. 942)
‘The small-staters are losing’. Said Ms. Toyntee, such as all journalists, she is trying to make a ‘moral panic’ because it is her job. The truth and hard reality is that governments are trying to make the best to combat the poverty. ‘Smaller police force’ and‘shrunken social programmes’ as public jargon commented always when start a new government. Looking deeply, is perceived one great effort to put order, to follow the law, is necessary time to respond. Normally, lower class has difficult to understand actions took by the government through new programmes, because the lack of real information or the capacity of absorption. Cameron, as the media...
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