Steam engine

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Steam Engine
Near the end of seventeenth century, Thomas Savery has used the steam engine for the first time to remove water from the mine shaft. This machine allowed transform the energy stored inhot vapor into usable energy and advocated the use of this source of energy intensive industry, replacing the use of wind power and hydropower, dependent on weather conditions and thereforeunpredictable. This progressive replacement was the root of the industrial revolution, to replacing deeply the means of transport. In the machine of Savery, the steam, from the water heated to boiling in aboiler, entered a chamber. This chamber, after closed a steam inlet, was cooled by sprinkling with cold water, which caused the condensation of vapor inside. The vacuum created in this way was thenavailed to pull water from the mine. Several modifications were introduced, the coupling including a cylinder and a piston, by Newcomen, until, in 1763, James Watt found that significantly increase theenergy efficiency of condensation steam followed from outside the cylinder, i.e. the heating and cooling if they did in separate zones. Together, these innovations allowed the application of steam powerfor industry and transport, making a big contribution to the industrial revolution. It was only in the late nineteenth century that Charles Algernon Parsons has presented the steam turbine, whichbesides having a better income producing rotary motion directly, thus avoiding the use of complicated transmission systems to transform the reciprocating motion of the piston moves rotary. Although thesteam engine has had extensive use, it is virtually impossible to find this kind of mechanism. However, the generation of electricity in nuclear power plants or thermoelectric plants is done using steam,which then circulates through a turbine attached to a generator.

Thomas Savery was a member of a known family of Devonshire, England, he was born in Shilston in 1650. He became a military...
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