Solar energy in brazil: unexploited potential in urban centers

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  • Publicado : 17 de abril de 2013
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Solar energy in Brazil: unexploited potential in urban centers

Anna Júlia L. Gelain, Rafael Duarte de Lima,

According to the specialist of the Solar Energy Laboratory of Federal University ofSanta Catarina (UFSC), Ricardo Rüther, in a statement for Estadão (an important newspaper in Brazil), Florianópolis, the place with lower insolation in Brazil, receive 40% more solar energy than thesunniest place in Germany (Fig. 1). And besides that, the use of this kind of energy in large urban centers could play an important role regarding the sustainability of production and use of electricity[1]. Therefore, this paper aims to demonstrate and explain the potential for solar energy production in Brazil, focusing on urban centers.
The research was conducted using literature, mainlycharacterized as a technique of research by the search for information in publications such as books and articles [2].

Fig 1: Comparison between Germany and Brazil [3]

Even with great potentialfor production of electricity from solar energy, Brazil has not explored this source adequately. When the energy, independent of the source, is generated centrally, it is known that there are largelosses in transmission and distribution of this energy. If there was a plan for deployment of solar source of energy, consumer units in the southeast region could present a viable framework, becausetoday it is the main consumer of energy in the country and also have a good potential for production.
Although already aware of the technologies of energy production from the sun, still there is a longway to Brazil have included in its energy picture this type of energy in a very significantly way, that allows the maximum use of their potential and availability. It is important to remember, that inthe case of solar energy decentralization, it's necessary a deployment of solar technologies for energy production directly in consumer units, and this helps to reduce production costs, which makes...