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Page reference: Patient perspectives / Case study stories

Video 1: Johnson’s story: Peace of mind
Johnson Alphonse

My name is JohnsonAlphonse.

Ian Carpenter

My name is Ian Carpenter and I work as a case
coordinator for East Thames in Stratford, which is a
housing association.


At first I was really diagnosed ashaving no disability. And
as I was sectioned over the many years of being in
hospital, they slowly diagnosed me as having
schizophrenia. I mean, I’ve been in and out of hospital,
oh, considerabletimes… I’ve really lost count of how
many times I’ve been in hospital.


My job as case co-ordinator is to support people with
mental health issues to maintain their tenancy and to live
asindependently as possible in the community. And so, I
met Johnson about two years ago when I first joined East
Thames and I was asked to support him to live


The reason Igot sectioned was because I was very


When someone is about to be sectioned, it’s a very, very
difficult and intense time, because it’s extremely difficult
to decide when a personhas the ability to make the
choice, and do we take that choice away from them and

section them? Or do we allow them to continue and try
and work with them? And I’m more and more convincedthat, if people have the support and if they have
advocacy within the community and within their own
lives, then they have much more choice of staying out of
hospital and living independently.
JohnsonWhen I got sectioned, it made me feel inadequate. Like
they’d taken my responsibility of my own, my own being,
my own mind and controlling me. And I…it was just really
horrible. I just felt so,so inadequate. I felt like a right
baby, to be honest with you.


I think Johnson’s experience is very varied. He will tell
you himself that, when he was in hospital, he didn’t have