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  • Publicado : 16 de abril de 2012
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ISCTE Business School - MSc Marketing – Branding

SENZ Umbrellas

Taking the world by storm
Professor Subject Students Rui Vinhas da Silva Branding Diogo Alves Diogo Caramelo Hugo Abreu Mafalda Franklin Pedro Emídio

November, 2011

SENZ Umbrellas – Taking the world by storm

Executive summary

On a typically rainy and windy March day in Netherlands, an industrial design student hadan idea to develop his graduation project, when his umbrella broke for the third time that week. He designed an umbrella whose shape allowed it to adapt to the wind’s direction, so that it could not flip inside out or break. With this revolutionary idea, he decided to create a company and invite two friends. They had a fantastic idea with a great potential of success but they had to consider someparticularities about the market. They were dealing with low-involvement product, which is routinely purchase without much consideration, research or purchase time. The biggest challenge was how to be different avoiding imitation by other brands. In this project we analyze three different scenarios: selling the patent, joint venture or create an own brand. The entrepreneurs were dealing with alimited budget and lack of knowledge about the market. How to decide between the option of develop and an own brand facing higher risk or opt for a less risky project selling the patent or join to other company? Beside this we also had to find a way to plan the distribution and promotion of this brand and product according to its innovative features, and internationalization objectives. Here we setacross different stages from presenting the market, introducing who SENZ is, to how to attract and retain the costumer.


SENZ Umbrellas – Taking the world by storm

Background Internal Analysis External Analysis PESTEL Analysis Issue Alternative Scenarios Scenario 1: Sell the patent to other brand Scenario 2: Joint-venture with a recognized fashion brand Scenario 3: Develop thebrand Senz by itself. Recommendations Strategic Marketing Target Positioning Marketing Mix Product Price Distribution Promotion Implementation Planning Budget Conclusion References 5 5 7 9 14 16 16 17 18 19 19 20 20 22 22 23 24 26 31 31 33 36 37


SENZ Umbrellas – Taking the world by storm General references Web references 37 37


SENZ Umbrellas – Taking the world by stormBackground
To introduce the Senz case study, we are going to present an overview around the background of Senz. First of all, we will first do an internal analysis which includes a brief summary about the brand history. On a second phase, we will do the external analysis, where we going to check the global umbrella industry, the macro environment that involves the business using a PESTEL analysis. Tofinish the external analysis, we stress out multiple parameters that will help us to define the attractiveness of the sector. Internal Analysis The idea Gerwin Hoogendoorn, an industrial design student at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands was leaving the university restaurant where he was doing his graduation assignment. On that day, the weather was typical for a Dutch day in March. Itwas rainy and the wind was blowing heavily. He opened is umbrella and he only could walk 20 metres before his umbrella break due to the strong winds. It was the third time on that week. In that moment, he realised that he had a great opportunity to develop his graduation project. His idea was to find a way to improve the design of the classic umbrella. The design Hoogendoorn tried to work has anintern on a large umbrella distributor to develop his project, but the distributor was not interested. So he decided to use the university’s technical design facilities to continue the development process. He got some help by some university contacts that were specialised in aerodynamics, and created an innovative design that resembled an airplane wing on a stick. Due to its shape, the umbrella...
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