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Professional Selling
Rizzi, Bruna

My last major purchase was a notebook and I bought it online. Since I arrived in U.S.A, I had been doing many researches to discover each one is thebest for me, according to my needs and budget. I looked for on the internet the specifications of some computers, the prices, which brand is the best for certain things, what is the difference betweenthe configurations, size and weight. Anyway, when I decide that I'm going to buy something expensive, I always do a search on the internet, read the opinions of consumers and people who have alreadypurchased this product. And this fact is related to the companies build relationship with the customers, in other words, satisfied customers recommend products because they trust in its value and thisis a result of the relationship the company keeps with their consumers. Is not only about looking for new prospects, but also maintain the existing consumers.
I do usually shop online that’s why Iwill try to relate the concepts presented in the book with online shopping, because they also use the same tools to engage in long-term relationships with customers. Of course they do it in a differentway than buying face to face, but is interesting to pay attention to see how they do it online. For example, when I started doing my research, I went to Google and typed some key words to find myproduct, and then the result showed much advertising of shopping websites, this is what they call Preparation in the process of implementing sales process ASAP. For instance, the promotion departmentprovides to appear in this research in order to entice consumers to peruse their website, and then the information obtained about the consumer should be stored in the CRM system.
Since I was lookingfor notebooks in the website, the ones that I liked most I added into my cart, but to do it I had to sign up on that website, and as a result of this the company has obtained various information about...
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