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DESCRIPTION: A book in philosophy that explores various fragments of the ultimate reality, in the most profound of ways… This book deals with assorted philosophical problems concerning reality, such as: What is the ultimate reality? What is life? What is death? Have we been dead before we were born? Could we be born after we die? Are humans, in essence, immortal? What is INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTIONand why it is necessary to end the present day injustice? Is materialism more correct than idealism? Determinism or free will? What is art? What is science? Is space real? Is time real? Do they actually exist? What is eternity? How could something become socially accepted and popular? Should we reject religions and superstitions? Who rules this world and what are their ulterior motives, theirhidden agenda? Why should we stop them? Etc.

KEYWORDS: reality, philosophy, metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, ethics, logic, mathematics, science, art, geometry, algebra, philosophy of mind, philosophy of sex, political philosophy, philosophy of power, intellectual revolution, Overman, ideal society, white plague, eternity, space and time, materialism, idealism, determinism, free will, existence,abstract existence, non-existence, life, death, immortality, justice and injustice, civilization, intellect, society, indoctrination, brainwashing, media and manipulation, universe, the truth, ultimate reality, etc.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Books by Dragan Glavasic: The Cosmic Tree (2003) Gramatika Engleskog Jezika (2004)* Prostor i Vreme [Space and Time] (2005)* Ultrafilters(2005) Keepers of the Flame (2006) Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon (2008) Engleski za Svakoga (2008)* philosophy language philosophy mathematics philosophy/literature philosophy language * in Serbian

For information and/or orders: ~ ~ (381-64) 121-4412 ~ (381-61) 155-4205 [also for donations and/or activism]

2 Dragan Glavasic

~Fragments of the Ultimate Reality~ ~Intellectual Revolution Decree~

Dragan Glavasic
Odin & Thor * 2008 * Belgrade


Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Dragan Glavasic ASCERTAINING THE INTELLECTUAL HORIZON ~ Fragments of the Ultimate Reality ~ ~ Intellectual Revolution Decree ~ First published by Odin & Thor in 2008Belgrade, Serbia * * Phones: (381-64) 121-4412 * (381-61) 155-4205 ISBN 978-86-904797-7-1 Printed by Odin & Thor e-Press Formats: hardcover A5 (14.8cm x 21cm), eBook in PDF on CD and the Internet Edition: 3000 (hardcopy), unlimited (eBook) Written, Published and Printed in Serbia [Alongside with Russia, perhaps, the onlyremaining free country in the world!] Made in Yugoslavia

This book was being written in the period from 30 June 2007 to 6 April 2008. The hardcopy (paper format with hardback) was printed on the 5th of May in 2008, when it appeared, for the first time, on sale with the cover price of $12.50 while electronic copy of the book (eBook) could be found on the Internet, free of charge.

Copyright © 2008by Dragan Glavasic All rights reserved.


Dragan Glavasic

to Igor (on his 3rd birthday)


Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Nothing is as it seems. This is the world of lies. A virtual (or a fake) reality that underneath is, actually, a horrifying nightmare! Supposedly a person is successful or has a specific position or a given job because he is good at what he does. Butthe truth is that the person often got it because of nepotism, connections, corruption, money and/or political correctness [and in case of females if she is pretty, young and willing to grant sexual favors]. Someone’s abilities or talents have nothing to do with it. A person could be best qualified and most talented for a job but he won’t get it if another person had better connections or more...