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Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Entertainment System
----------------An FAQ/Walkthrough by Michael Lemon (Dead Hero)----------------
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----------------------------12/9/02 - Version 1.0------------------------------
E-mail - xxdeadheroxx(at)yahoo(dot)com

===============================================================================~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TABLE OF CONTENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I ) --------------- Introduction
II ) --------------- Story
III ) --------------- Controls
IV ) --------------- Characters
A. --------------- Ryu Hayabusa
B. --------------- Ken Hayabusa
C.--------------- Irene Lew
D. --------------- Dr. Walter Smith
E. --------------- Foster
V ) --------------- Gameplay Overview
A. --------------- The Ninja Arts Explained
B. --------------- Powerups
C. --------------- Wall Climbing
VI ) --------------- Walkthrough
A. --------------- Act 1 - Destiny
B. --------------- Act 2- The Escape
C. --------------- Act 3 - The Chase
D. --------------- Act 4 - A Trap
E. --------------- Act 5 - Life or Death Combat
F. --------------- Act 6 - The Fall of the Demon
VII ) --------------- Enemies
VIII ) --------------- Boss Fights
A. --------------- Barbarian
B. --------------- Bomberhead
C.--------------- Basaquer
D. --------------- Kelbeross
E. --------------- Bloody Malth
IX ) --------------- Cheats
A. --------------- Game Exploitations
B. --------------- Game Genie Codes
X ) --------------- FAQs
XI ) --------------- Credits
XII ) --------------- Copyright
XIII ) --------------- Contact Information===============================================================================
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I. INTRODUCTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ninja Gaiden is a side-scrolling, hack and slash, ninja fun-fest. Released in
1989 by Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden is based upon the exploits of a vengeful ninja
on a questto America. At the time of it's release, Ninja Gaiden proved to be
one of the few titles to utilize cut-scenes, or cinema scenes, as a way of
communicating the plot. As you probably already know, this is a common
practice in today's world of gaming. However, Ninja Gaiden further proved that
a game did not have to be an RPG to have a story. The deep plot tucked in with
it's amazinggameplay took strides to enlighten the action genre. This topped
upon splendid graphics, superb sound, and amazing gameplay granted Tecmo the
start of a promising franchise.

Upon first playing Ninja Gaiden, the primary realization the gamer has is the
extreme level of difficulty. During the 8-bit era of the NES, games were
typically excruciatingly hard, offering little to no saves and aninsane
amount of resistance to overcome. Ninja Gaiden is no different. Here is a game
that expects you to beat it in one sitting, offering no save points or
passwords to help your progress. This fact can be intimidating to a gamer not
wanting a challenge. Ninja Gaiden requires you to memorize enemy placement,
timing, and powerups, all while racing the clock. That's right, there is a...
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