Russia and middle east

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Considering President of Russia Dimitry Medvedev speech at the Meeting with Russian
Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives to International Organisation, we can
highlight, what some callthe “Medvedev Doctrine” and Russia’s role in the
international scene.
After the Cold War, the underlying reasons for most of bloc politics and bloc discipline
simply disappeared and nowadays theworld is still searching for a new equilibrium.
Russia believes that even an influential country as the United States shouldn’t make all
the decisions and the world should be multipolar. Thisposition is enforced by Russia’s
strength and ability to assume greater responsibility for solving problems on a regional
and global scale.
“(…) the world is not just listening to Russia but looking to usfor help with solving
problems.” (Medvedev, 2008)1
Russia’s Foreign Policy Concept is based on an analysis of all aspects of contemporary
international life recognizing the primacy of fundamentalprinciples of international
law. Their relations with other countries will be built within the framework of these
principles and the concept of international law that defines the relations betweencivilized people. Therefore, Russia has no intention of isolating itself neither wants
confrontation with any other country. Only by working together and without double
standards, terrorism, theproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, drug
trafficking, crime, global poverty, climate change and the spread of infectious diseases
can be fought.
However Russia foreign policy decisions willbe based on the need to protect the lives
and interests of Russians wherever they are. This policy provides doctrinal basis for
intervention in countries if Russia finds it necessary.
Finally thereare regions in which Russia has privileged interests because of their
historical relations and for that, bound together as friends and good neighbours.
Globally, the Russians want to use this...
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