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The death of Karen Silkwood

Earlier in this story the author begins by telling us that he will tell a true story, and explain us that the big difference between a true story and a fictional oneis this, a fictional story has a ending, but a true story does not.
The death of Karen Silkwood is a true story, so her death is a mystery.
This book has a strange beginning. It begins with Karendeath.
At night of 13th November 1974 a woman called Karen Silkwood was found dead inside her car. Nobody really knows what happened.
The police is sure that it was an accident, but three men,her boyfriend, a journalist from the New York Times, and a Union official from Washington, don’t think that way. At the night of the accident, they’re waiting for her. She was bringing an importantpiece of information in a brown envelope.
The story of Karen and her brown envelope began in 1972,when she took a new job at a nuclear factory in Oklahoma. Everything was going perfect.  The pay wasgood, and she soon made friends with some of the other people who worked there, including Drew, who becomes her boyfriend. The work is not difficult, and it doesn’t seem to be dangerous although she hasto be checked frequently by the scanner, to saw if she had any radioactive dust on her clothes. But, one day, her friend Susan had radioactive dust on her, and Karen starts to worry about thefactory. More and more often they heard the alarm, which means radioactive dust in someone.
Susan, Karen and Drew thought about leaving, because they knew it was going to be dangerous. But they stayed.Karen wanted to change things in the factory. She was asked for the Union Committee. That was a group of workers who join together to talk to managers about their pay, hours of work and those kind ofthings. She was going to try it. There was no woman in the committee, but Karen wanted to do it. And a lot of workers voted for Karen.  She wrote down all the times that she heard the alarm and many...
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