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Resumo de Ingles

Will – we use for talk about the future .
We use for do promises and offers too .
Example : We will help you !Of course we will be there
The abbreviation of the verb WILL is ‘ll
Example : I’ll
I’ll go and get the tickets
I’ll find out and let you know
I’ll go with you

The verbWill in the negative is WILL NOT
But usually we use the shortening form : won’t
Example : Just wait a bit . I won’t be long
Don’t worry I won’t tellanyone
I promise I won’t forget


We use BE GOING TO for plans
Example : I’m going to do the resume for youI’m going to apply for my visa .
The negative of the BE GOING TO is :
I’m not
You are not / aren’t
He is not / isn’t
She is not / isn’t
It is not /isn’t
We are not / aren’t
They are not / aren’t
And have the verb WILL
How I explained with the example above ( acima )

We use for express acondition which can happen as a result of another one .
if + present simple + will + infinitive
Example : If the Sun gets hotter , the oceans will evaporate .If we pollute the environment , animals won’t have a place to live .

Is use for talking about possibilities of the future .
Affirmative :
We might pass inmath .
We might have a reunion to program the party .
Negative :
We might not pass in the end of the school year .
We might not have tiny TV in our glasses .
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