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Talita P. Rodriguez
DeVry University


Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill
Since I moved to Miami Beach I am always having friends visiting from Brazil. Last weekend one of my good friendsStephanie came with her boyfriend and I wanted to take her to a nice restaurant. I choose Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, one of my favorite restaurants that is located in Miami Design District area. Everytime I have friends over I invite them over to this restaurant because there is a variety of food, the place is beautiful and fun and the service is amazing. After being in this restaurant severaltimes I can evaluate this restaurant. To evaluate the Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill Restaurant in Miami, three criteria will be used: Menu must include South American food options, indoor and outdoor tablesshould be available for dining and the total cost per person should not exceed $60.
The first criterion used to evaluate the restaurant is that South American food must be included on the menu.Sugarcane does very well in this first criterion. The restaurant is considered a "South America Spirit"; which means that the environment and the food can make the guests feel close or in South America.Its menu has a variety of small plates from South America style. One of my favorites plates is the Bone Marrow that is veal cheek marmalade. They also have Goat Cheese Croquettes, Bacon Wrapped Datesthat are also typical South American dishes and more. It is served tapas-style. Most of the plates are served in a 5" diameter, so everyone can share the delicious options they have. I was able todrink my favorite Brazilian specialty Drink Caipirinha, while my friends choose the Latin Beer Estrela and Spice of love a drink made with brazilian passion fruit puree and jalapeno also typically foundin the South America's countries. For dessert we had the Torrejas that is maple caramel apples - a South American version of French toast with apples.
This restaurant exceeds expectations in the...
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