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This movie was adapted from the book of Charles Dickens, and the history of the movie is about a man who doesn’t care about Christmas. His name isEbenezer Scrooge. He is a very selfish man, very unaware and he only thinks about money and he mistreats his only employee he does not imagine what kind of life he lives.
The movie starts with theEbenezer’s partner dead. But life continuous and he goes to his job. The city is beautiful because of Christmas. Everybody buying gifts, but him. He hates everything related to Christmas, but what he doesn’tknow is that he will be visited by three ghosts, that will show him the three times of Christmas in his life: The Past, the Present and the Future.
The first ghost is like the fire, very illuminatedand takes Scrooge to visit his Christmas in the past. It shows to Ebenezer his old school, when he still celebrated Christmas, and also the only woman that he really loved. Unfortunately, Scroogereviews the problem that happens in his marriage, the job and how he got more and more money. His wife said to him that he only thing is money. She was right. Scrooge asks to the ghost to take him out ofthat sad place.
Then, the second ghost is a giant that is similar to God, and show to Scrooge the Present Christmas. The ghost shows the house of his only employee, Bob Cratchit, a very simple food,simple house, simple people, but with love in their hearts. Tim is Bob’s son, the boy is crippled and the ghost says to Scrooge that he will die, since that Scrooge refused to help the needy. Andthen, the spirit shows to Ebenezer his nephew’s house with everybody wishing good Christmas to him.
Before the second ghost goes, Scrooge sees two very ugly, poor and thin children. The ghost says toScrooge: “This is the need and this is the ignorance, they can’t stay together.” And the ghost disappears, leaving Scrooge in his bedroom.
The last one, is the ghost of the future, and probably is...
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