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  • Publicado : 23 de abril de 2013
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“Great Expectations” is a book written by Charles Dickens and is a masterpiece that caters for diverse audiences as it has fromthe romance to action on those pages. I believe that wouldn’t be so attractive to children because it is not full of imaginative ideasthat attract them.

The story’s main character is Phillip and the story is a great thriller around a situation that the character lived in acemetery, to meet a fugitive who sought his help. Phip demonstrated to that man that he was very obliging and had a good heart, andbecause of this, in the future the boy would have surprises for having a charitable act.

The romance of the book begins when his uncle, MrPumblechook, takes him to the Satis House to play, and there he meets a very rich lady called Miss Havisham, and a very pretty girl namedEstella. She treats Pip so terrible, but despite this, he falls in love for her and dreams about being a rich man to one day be worthy ofhaving the girl’s heart.

From these facts, the story unfolds and in my case, for example, I was surprised how the author made ​​a connectionbetween the characters. It is a work full of suspense, action and it calls the attention of people with different tastes. Importantly, itis not a boring book, instead, the reader feels like to finish as fast as possible to find out what is the big mystery and how it will end.
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