Resenha do filme "o diabo veste prada" em ingles

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  • Publicado : 13 de maio de 2012
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The movie The Devil Wears Prada tells the story of a young newly-formed dreams to work in journalism in a newspaper famous, but one can put on a fashion magazine called Runaway, not knowing she wasthis magazine one of the biggest fashion magazines. Andrea Sachs is a simple young woman who knows nothing about fashion and think all this concern about a futile fashion.
Due to his competenceAndrea becomes the second assistant of one of the most powerful women in the fashion world, Miranda Priestly who runs the magazine with an iron hand and abuses of their subordinates who are scared todeath of it, and people who would do anything to be by your side, for it is she who gives the last word on all matters, with a really efficient and respected in the fashion world.
Andrea evenwhen his will is subject to this job really slave, therefore no longer has its own life, because everything revolves around what Miranda will do or want at any time of day or night, marking and clearingdinners, flights, shopping breakfast and lunch anytime, because you never know what time the boss will come, making your life inside the magazine into a living hell, not to mention her co-worker,Emily, who treats her with disdain and arrogance of its efficiency , doing everything to please Miranda.
Due to the unwillingness of Andrea to work in the company, does not realize is sabotaging notadopting the look that the fashion world demands that you work in the area, and when you make a mistake, is humiliated by his boss, and ends being awakened by a coworker, then a rising professionaland is extremely competent, has just been outstanding for their beauty, and each time the situation seems no way out.
This is scaled by Andrea Miranda to go to Paris for fashion week, a dream that hisarrogant colleague Emily nurtures the whole year, but notes that Miranda has to be accompanied only by the best.
In Paris, Miranda is the center of attention, surrounded at all times by the...