Reported speech

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Reported Speech

A. Turn into reported speech:
(to be)
1) “The pencil is on the desk” – Mark said.
2) “He was a doctor!” – Susan said.
3) “I will be a nurse in the future.“ – Mary said.
4) “I have been ill for 2 weeks!” – Henry said.
5) “I am being precise…!” – Ben said.
(Pesent Simple →Past Simple)
1) “I want to live in London.” – Paul said.
2) “She knows the answer!” – David said.3) “Mike smokes a lot.” – Wendy said.
4) “I have a new car!” – Helen said.
5) “I go to school by bus.” – Jim said.
(Present Continuous →Past Continuous)
1) “I am living in Paris.” – Maggie said.
2) “Susan is playing football.” – Raul said.
3) “They are going home.” – Pam said.
4) “We are buying this house.” Jim and Sam said.
5) “You are driving very well!” – Karen told me.
(Present Perfect→Past Perfect)
1) “I have seen this movie.” – Daniel said.
2) “I have eaten sushi…” – Luis said.
3) “He has found the treasure!” – Gabriel said.
4) “We have given a nice present.” – Kim and Carl said.
5) “Joe has known the editor.” – Nelson said.
(Future →Conditional)
1) “I will leave the country.” – Karen said.
2) “I will meet Paul.” – Frank said.
3) “He will open the warehouse.” – Timsaid.
4) “She will park the car.” – Joe said.
5) “His father will start the engine.” – Lilian said
(Past Simple →Past Perfect)
a) “I went to the cinema.” – Vivian said.
b) “I bought the house.” – Ben said.
c) “He forgot the keys.” – Olivia said.
d) “My son kept the car.” – Karen said.
e) “We joined the party.” – Daniel said.

B. Turn into reported speech:
(to be)
1) “The ruler isn’t onthe desk” – Mark said.
2) “He wasn’t a nurse!” – Susan said.
3) “I won’t be a vet.“ – Mary said.
4) “I haven’t been ill for a month!” – Henry said.
5) “I am not being funny!” – Ben said.
(Pesent Simple →Past Simple)
1) “I don’t want to live in Liverpool.” – Paul said.
2) “She doesn’t know the solution!” – David said.
3) “Mike doesn’t smoke drugs.” – Wendy said.
4) “I haven’t a new van!”– Helen said.
5) “I don’t go to school by car.” – Jim said.
(Present Continuous →Past Continuous)
1) “I am not living in Lisbon.” – Maggie said.
2) “Susan isn’t playing volleyball.” – Raul said.
3) “They aren’t going to the disco.” – Pam said.
4) “We aren’t buying this building.” Jim and Sam said.
5) “You aren’t driving badly!” – Karen told me.
(Present Perfect →Past Perfect)
1) “I haven’tseen that film.” – Daniel said.
2) “I haven’t eaten pizza…” – Luis said.
3) “He hasn’t found the key!” – Gabriel said.
4) “We haven’t given a bad gift.” – Kim and Carl said.
5) “Joe hasn’t known the director.” – Nelson said.
(Future →Conditional)
1) “I will not leave the city.” – Karen said.
2) “I won’t meet Sam.” – Frank said.
3) “He won’t open the coffeeshop.” – Tim said.
4) “She willnot park the bus.” – Joe said.
5) “His father won’t start the machine.” – Lilian said
(Past Simple →Past Perfect)
a) “I didn’t go to the disco.” – Vivian said.
b) “I didn’t buy the car.” – Ben said.
c) “He didn’t forget the way.” – Olivia said.
d) “My son didn’t keep the van.” – Karen said.
e) “We didn’t join the group.” – Daniel said.

C. Finish the sentences using Reported speech.Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.
Example: Peter: "I clean the black shoes."
Peter told me that ____________________________
Answer: Peter told me that he cleaned the black shoes.

John: "Mandy is at home."
Max: "Frank often reads a book."
Susan: "I'm watching TV."
Simon: "David was ill."
Peggy: "The girls helped in thehouse."
Richard: "I am going to ride a skateboard."
Stephen and Claire: "We have cleaned the windows."
Charles: "I didn't have time to do my homework."
Mrs Jones: "My mother will be 50 years old."
Jean: "The boss must sign the letter."

John said that _____________
Max told me that _____________
Susan said to me that _____________
Simon said that _____________
Peggy told me that...
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