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Fabio de Souza, Chief Executive Officer of Grand’s and Sons, requested this report on general employee satisfactionwithin the company. This report was prepared and submitted to him by Student’s Name, Human Resources Director, on 19 May.
A survey was prepared and conducted across a representativecross-section of employees, which totalled 120, 10% of the company. The topics included satisfaction with:
1 Employee basic package: including pay scale, number of vacation days, sick days and overtime.
2Employee advanced package: pension plan, health benefits and shares scheme.
3 Working environment: office equipment, aims and objectives and appraisal system.
4 Company structure: management style andlines of reporting.
Employees were also asked for any suggestions for improvement in any of the above areas.
1 Employee basic package
• The majority of employees were satisfied with payscales, number of vacation days and sick days.
• Most employees complained that they were regularly expected to work above and beyond their contractual hours of employment.
2 Employee advancedpackage
• Most employees were satisfied with the pension plan, health benefits and shares scheme.
• Some complained that you have to wait for two years before becoming eligible for the advanced package.3 Working environment
• Most employees were satisfied with office equipment and had a clear understanding of their aims and objectives.
• Most complained that they did not receive enough feedbackabout their performance because the current appraisal system is too informal.
4 Company structure
• Most employees were satisfied with the management style of the company.
• Some complained that ittook a long time for decisions to be made because of the long reporting lines within the company.
1 There is a culture of overtime where employees are expected to work additional hours...
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