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Religion by definition is a set of beliefs concerning the cause Religion is made of both beliefs and rituals and practice. It isn’t a separate part of our lives, is a way of understanding and livingwith our beliefs, a relationship with nature and the universe. Religion is the search of those who suffer and dream to raise the soul, setting the sacred world that finds and fulfills the humanessence. Religions are established and persist through the division of the universe split between the sacred and the “wicked”. They are not properties of things, they are established by the attitudesof men towards things, places, times, persons, actions. It is a term for a belief system in something bigger, a higher power, not only one person. There are so many different religions whose beliefsare completely different.
Religion is one of the most universal actions known to mankind, being practiced by all cultures since the beginning of time. It matters little whether you call it God, Allah,Mother Nature, what matters are that it exists. Religion tells us that we all come from the same raw material, though we are individual, no one is better or worse than anyone, so there are nopositions of leaders and led by right, but momentary positions, according to merit, and leadership positions are first and foremost missions as guides and examples, not privilege to serve the ego. Turningour attention to that inner voice we understand that it invites us to do unto others what you would have them do unto us, to make others happy gives us a satisfaction that nothing else gives.
Religionseems to have arisen from the desire to find a definite meaning and purpose to life, usually centered on the belief and ritual to something supernatural. In most religions, the devotees try to honorand / or influence their god or gods through prayers, sacrifices, having sacred of animals or correct behavior. It is a belief in the existence of a higher power regarded as creator of the universe....
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