Relative clauses

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The car was found last week. It has been stolen again.
The car which was found last week has been stolen again.
This is Mr.Brown. His son is an engineer.
This is Mr.Brown, whose son is anengineer. |
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» | That is Mr.Wilson. His wife has filed for divorce.
That is Mr.Wilson 1 .
» | Paris is said to be avery romantic city. My cousin was born there.
Paris 2 is said to be a very romantic city.
» | He smokes too much. It is bad for him.
He smokes too much 3 .
» | The shop has closeddown. He bought the computer there.
The shop 4 has closed down.
» | The woman is my cousin. You met her yesterday.
The woman 5 is my cousin.
» | The car has been found abandoned in themiddle of the road. The owner of the car is yet to be identified.
The car 6 has been found abandoned in the middle of the road.
» | This is the car. Its tyres are very worn.
This is the car 7 .  |
» | I know the Browns. I used to teach their children judo.
I know the Browns 8 .
» | The man is going to pay for the damage. His child broke my window.
The man 9 is going to pay forthe damage.
» | The test was very easy. We did it yesterday.
The test 10 was very easy.
» | This is the school. I studied there a few years ago.
This is the school 11 .
» |Louis Armstrong was the first great soloist in jazz. He died in 1971.
Louis Armstrong 12 was the first great soloist in jazz.
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They showed a picture of a man. Hisface was disfigured.
They showed a picture of a man 1 .

» Peter is retiring next month. Susan was once married to him.
Peter 2 is retiring next month.

» The school is not far from here. Istudied there.
The school 3 is not far from here.

» Mrs.Smith has asked me for help. Her husband is ill.
Mrs.Smith 4 has asked me for help.

» It has not rained for months. It is worrying....
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