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Volleyball is a sport that is played by teams, in which each team has six players. The volleyball court is 18m long and 9m wide, while the net height for men is 2.43m and for women is 2.24m. The“attack line” is 3m from and parallel to the net. The ball in which volleyball is played must be spherical and made of leather or synthetic leather. It also has to have a circumference of 65-67cm, a weightof 260-280g, and an inside pressure of 0.30-0.325kg/cm. According to FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball), the jerseys must be numbered from 1-20, with numbers on the front and back in acolor that contrasts with the background color of the uniform. Also, the numbers must be at least 15cm on the front and 20cm on the back. Moreover, the team’s captain is required to have an 8cm x 2cmstripe that underlies their front jersey number and liberos have to wear a different color jersey than their teammates. Some basic fouls in a game are stepping on or over the line while serving, failingto serve the ball over the net successfully, touching the net, hitting the ball illegally (lifting, carrying, etc.), blocking a serve, hitting the ball two times in a row, reaching under the net,having a back-line player jump in front of the “attack line”, and many others. For every score of the ball, there will be a point scored. When the ball falls on the floor within the court boundaries or anerror is made, the team that did not make the error receives a point. If the ball hits the line, it is counted as in. A volleyball game is played to 25 points, where a team must win the other by 2points. The game starts when the player from the position “1”, on the lower right corner looking from the top, serves. After a team gains the serve, its members must rotate clockwise (player in position“2” will move to “1”, player in “1” will move to “6”, and so on). Liberos are defensive players who are responsible for receiving the attack or serve. This player is usually the one with the...
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