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tCommand & Conquer™: Yuri's Revenge™


Copyright 2001 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.
Westwood Studios™ is an Electronic Arts™ brand.

Version #: 1.000
August 30th, 2001

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- - TOP SECRET - -


Welcome back! Thank you for extending your tour of duty. Your outstandingservice is greatly appreciated by the High Command and people all over the
World. Due to the chaotic disruptions caused by Yuri's psychic technologies,
the following information must be kept classified until you are ready for
action. Review the following bulletin from Command Headquarters with great
care. Commit it to memory, so you can be decisive and victorious out on thebattlefield!

Good Luck.

--President Michael Dugan


- In the Game Option screen, the Game Resolution setting only sets the in-
game (battlefield) resolution. The game shell screen resolution is locked
at 800 by 600 pixels.

- With the Short Game selected, Yuri's Slave Miner is excluded from the
winning condition.

- Now allplayers can see the infantry pips of any fortifiable civilian
building, regardless of which player garrisons it.

- When a unit is mind controlled, all players will see the initial mind-control
line from the controller to its victim.

- The T (unit-type select) and P (all-unit select) hot-keys will automatically
exclude units inside of a Tank Bunker.

- In Red Alert 2,sometimes a game would not end if the last remaining unit
were in a mind-controlled vehicle. Now, if this should happen, the unit
inside will be automatically killed, and the ex-owner of the captured unit
will be declared the loser.

- Tab-flash-for-readiness has been updated. The following features will
only flash the tab for a bit to inform the player when fully charged:Spy
Plane, Force Shield, Psychic Reveal.

- If playing behind a firewall, the preview maps do not get transmitted to
other players.

Units & Structures:
- Magnetron can only levitate vehicles, not infantry.

- The Brute is not allowed inside of an IFV. However, the Brute is allowed
inside other transports, but only as a passenger.

- The Hero units (Tanya, Boris,and Yuri Prime) are not allowed to use their
special attack from within the Battle Fortress.

- Kirov spinning every time it acquires an order/target is now fixed.

- Setting waypoints for planes from within the radar map has been disabled.

- Floating Disc will auto target and shoot any base defenses that are
powered (i.e. Prism Tower and Tesla Coil). However, the FloatingDisc
will not auto target and shoot any base defenses that are not powered
(i.e. Pillbox and Sentry Gun).

- Psychic Dominator permanently "captures" its victims rather than just
mind controls them for a short duration. Once a unit has been psychic
dominated (purple halo on the unit), it can never be mind controlled again.

- Yuri Prime and Yuri Clone's psychic blast donot harm friendly units.

- Cloning Vats allow the player to make a second Hero unit (Tanya, Boris,
and Yuri Prime).


- In the Westwood Online Quick Match and Quick Co-op games, the Super
Weapons setting is always on, and the Crates setting is always to off.

- In Team Alliance game mode, you must set your teams at the start. Once
the battle has started, youare not allowed to switch alliance.

- In Land Rush game mode, the Yuri player begins with a few Attack Dogs
among his starting units.

- In Skirmish: Battle mode, all AI players start out on the same team fighting
against the human player.


- Known problems with the Cirrus Logic 5464 video card:
- Systems with this device may experience the following problems: low...