Realizing the benefits of bim

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Autodesk® Building Information Modeling

Realizing the Benefits of BIM
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model–based design process that adds value across the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects. This white paper summarizes the benefits of BIM and provides an overview of the steps your firm can take to help reap the full benefits of a BIMimplementation.

An Executive Overview of BIM
The reliance on digital design models has been a common practice in the manufacturing industry for decades. Project teams at companies such as Boeing and Toyota have placed digital models at the core of their collaborative, concurrent engineering processes for years, using them to support the entire project lifecycle—from design and documentation to manufacturingand field support. BIM helps architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) service providers apply the same approach to building and infrastructure projects. Unlike CAD, which uses software tools to generate digital 2D and/or 3D drawings, BIM facilitates a new way of working: creating designs with intelligent objects. Regardless of how many times the design changes—or who changes it—the dataremains consistent, coordinated, and more accurate across all stakeholders. Cross-functional project teams in the building and infrastructure industries use these model-based designs as the basis for new, more efficient collaborative workflows that give all stakeholders a clearer vision of the project and increase their ability to make more informed decisions faster. Models created using softwarefor BIM are ―intelligent‖ because of the relationships and information that are automatically built into the model. Components within the model know how to act and interact with one another. A room, for example, is more than an abstract concept. It is a unique space contained by other building components (such as walls, floors, and ceilings) that define the room’s boundary. With BIM, the model isactually a complex database and the room is a database element that contains both geometric information and nongraphic data. Drawings, views, schedules, and so on are ―live‖ views of the underlying building database. If designers change a model element, the BIM software automatically coordinates the change in all views that display that element—including 2D views, such as drawings, andinformational views, such as schedules—because they are all views of the same underlying information.


Figure 1: With BIM, crossfunctional project teams share intelligent models to better plan, design, build, and manage building and infrastructure projects.
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Project teams can also use information contained in the models to perform a variety ofcomplementary tasks, including energy or environmental analysis, visualization, construction simulation, and improving the accuracy of documentation. In addition, BIM helps enable project teams to engage in innovative new contractual relationships and project delivery strategies, such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Early access to the rich information in the models helps everyone on theproject team gain more insight into their projects. As a result, the team can make moreinformed decisions much earlier in the planning, design, construction, or renovation process—when decisions can have the greatest impact on project cost, schedule, and sustainability.



BIM Adoption
BIM is firmly entrenched in the building industry and expanding in theinfrastructure industry, as recent studies conducted within the United States and Western Europe confirm. For example:  Building industry overall: The 2009 McGraw-Hill Construction 1 SmartMarket Report , The Business Value of BIM: Getting Building Information Modeling to the Bottom Line (2009 SmartMarket Report), states that nearly half of the U.S. building industry is using BIM, a 75 percent...
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