Rapid globalization

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Rapid Globalization

All people around the world are involved in a globalized system, thanks to current developments, the world has seen a radical change in recent decades. Thegeographical and cultural distance have due to technological advances, the rapid globalization, global computer and telephone connections, television broadcast, worldwide via satellite and other advances.Globalization can be defined in many ways, it refers to the worldwide phenomenon of technological, economic exchange, political and cultural differences between nations, organizations andindividuals, the globalization has ,made it easier for the task of pursuing international business strategies, trade between the nations was liberalized, with a tremendous reduction of trade barriers.Consequently, fewer trade barriers have also led to the spread of improved technologies, communication systems, transportation systems and logistics, all facilitate the exchange relationships between a companyand its customers, suppliers. ( European Business Review, vol 23 Issue : 1 , pp . 120- 132 ).
The phrase “ rapid globalization “ refers to the rapid development of globalization over the past threedecades and still continues. The rapid movement towards globalization in recent years is the result of increasing realization among many countries benefit relatively free business across nationalborders and thereby reduce their barriers to international trade and this development is also fed by many large companies, seeking to reduce their costs and increasing their turnover, establishedproduction bases in many different countries. The advance of globalization is walking at a fast pace.
Through rapid globalization of the economy and business is conducted across borders in large volumeswith no barriers to trade posed by various countries, developed and underdeveloped countries. Globalization is the net impact is the result of their operations globally, as well as by countries...
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