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QUESTION TAG: é a particula que se acrescenta ao final de uma frase, que é utilizada para confirmar o que foi dito na frese anterior. Utiliza-se osauxiliares dos tempos verbais da frase inicial para formarmos a question tag.
1- Verbo to be(present/past)
She is a nice, isn’t she?
He isn’t your friend,is he?
The children are playing, aren’t they?
Susan and I aren’t late, are you?
I’m (was) not angry, am I? ( was I ?)
I’m (was) right, aren´tI ? (weren’t I ?)
2- SIMPLE PRESENT: usaremos os auxiliaries do, does, don’t, doesn’t
You live near here, don’t you?
Peter doesn’t study at night,does he?
Everybody drinks water, don’t they?
Nobody speaks French, do they?
He never worked in SP, did he?
3-SIMPLE PAST: com os auxiliaries do e did
The dogs barked yesterday, didn’t they?
Your father didn’t do the dishes, did he?
4- SIMPLE FUTURE:usaremos os auxiliaries will e won’t
The cat will drink milk, won´t it?
He won’t go away tomorrow, will he?
5- PRESENT PERFECT: usaremos os auxiliarieshave, has, haven’t, hasn’t
She has lived for years, hasn’t she?
They haven’t studied French, have they?
We have never been abroad, have we?


WHO/THAT = (que) para pessoas
He’s the man. He works here = He is the man. Who (ou that) works here.
WICH/THAT = (que) para objetos e animaisThe dog is an animal. It eats bones. = The dog is an animal. Wich (ou that) eats bones.
WHOSE = cujo (a), cujos (as)
She is the teacher whose study here
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