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pSX readme


pSX emulates the Sony Playstation 1, pretty much everything is emulated
(to my knowledge) and most games run perfectly. It runs under Windows and

One thing that should be noted is that pSX DOES NOT use plugins.
The emulator is completely self contained.

The emulator has been designed to be as easy and unobtrusive to use
aspossible - in most cases you will not need to configure anything
to use it (except maybe the controls).


Extract all files from the .rar (or .tar.bz2 file under Linux) including

The emulator requires a PS1 BIOS file which should be placed in the
bios directory. By default the emulator will look for scph1001.bin
- this version is highly recommendbecause it is the only well tested
one although other bioses should work.

Once the emulator is running you can change the BIOS from the
configuration menu. In the event that you only have a different bios
file you can edit psx.ini to get the emulator running (run psx.exe
once, you will get an error message, now look for psx.ini).

Installation notes for Linux
============================Under Linux pSX requires the following shared libraries/packages :


pSX will store its settings in ~/.pSX (the memcards, saves and screenshots
dirctories will also be created here). If psx.ini is present in the
application directory it will be read from there instead (for backwards
compatibility with verions before v1.13 - you can also movepsx.ini here if
you don't want per-user settings, remember to make it world writable though
otherwise users will be unable to save any settings).

Running games

The emulator supports .cue/.bin, .ccd/.img/.sub, .iso, and .mdf/.mds CD
images, the easiest way to run a game is to run the exe then select "Insert CD
image" from the File menu. It is also possible to start a game fromthe
command line:

psx.exe c:\psxgames\mygame.bin

or under Linux :

pSX /usr/psxgames/mygame.bin

Note that you will get best performance running in full-screen mode.
Press ALT+ENTER to switch between full-screen and windowed.

CDZ images

pSX supports compressed CD images which are called .CDZ files. They can
either be created using the built in converted(File/Convert .BIN to/from
.CDZ) or by using the cdztool.exe command line utility.

.CDZ files can be created from all image formats that pSX supports.

To create a .cdz file utils cdztool :

utils\cdztool.exe c:\psxgames\mygame.bin c:\psxgames\mygame.cdz

You can also convert a cdz back to .cue/.bin by reversing the order of
the parameters, eg:

utils\cdztool.exe c:\psxgames\mygame.cdzc:\psxgames\mygame.bin


The configuration menu is fairly self explanatory. This is a quick
run through of the various options.


This tab allows you to set the default paths for state saves, memory
cards and cd images.


This tab allows you to set the BIOS image used by the emulator.

Memory cards

This tab configuresthe memory cards inserted into the Playstations
slots. To create a memory card click ..., navigate to where you want
the file to be saved, and enter a filename (eg. "mycard").


Bilinear interpolation - enabled/disables bilinear filtering when stretching
frame buffer to window.

Frame skipping - enables/disables frame skipping

Sleep when idle in windowed mode -when running in windowed mode this
option causes the emulator to use less CPU time but can result in
choppier performance.

Pause when not focused - when enabled the emulator will pause when its
main window does not have focus (note: sound is always disabled when
not focused).

Status icons - displays status icons (CD/XA/etc..) at the bottom left

Full screen mode: can be configured...
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