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  • Publicado : 23 de abril de 2011
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This monograph seeks to evidence the importance of the employment of the sociology discipline in the teaching fundamental I, II and in the medium teaching in the possible solution of the socialproblems in your theory and he/she practices through the education, and, to present, above all which are the representations in which are involved in the process of the student's learning and of theindividual. Observing the constant violence wave provoked by students originating from of the teaching fundamental I, II and medium teaching with other students, teachers and people that are part of yoursocial cycles, of teachers with the students and of all that are or they already concluded the fundamental teaching, I teach medium and graduation. Also treats inside of the paper of the family of theeducation and of the process of the teaching learning and of the formation of your pairs for yours lives in group and the treatment of the very common. It focuses the adolescent's paper in yoursocial context and comportamental, knowing that they are originating from of formation of the teaching fundamental I, II and of the Ensino Média, and they don't still understand inside your social role ofthe community where you/they are inserted. It approaches the paper of the institution called school, your contribution inside of a modern and contemporary context, as the school it is prepared to facesuch problems, in a youth that worries about the mediatismo, of having and not of the knowledge, of the forgetfulness of the ethics, morals and values, of the disrespect with the neighbor and beingthe interest argued with television, with the internet, with you love them, with the drugs and with everything, the idiom. Also, he/she mentions the paper of the teachers that are a lot of suitabletimes without a graduation you specify of the sociology area for the fundamental teaching I,II, and of the medium teaching, that the times don't accomplish what teach for the students. Therefore, this...