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  • Publicado : 27 de novembro de 2012
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Corona -- Baby Baby 
Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy -- Tempo Fiesta 
Shazam -- No Guarantee 
Sparks -- When Do I Get To Sing It My Way 
Caught In The Act -- Love Is Everywhere 
Wildchild -- RenegadeMaster 
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor -- Fly Through The Starry Night 
Orange Blue -- If You Wanna Be 
Blue System -- Laila 
La Bouche -- Be My Lover 
Me & My -- Dub I Dub 
Party Nation --Machine Gun 
Bed & Breakfast -- You Make Me Believe In Magic 
Culture Beat -- Inside Out 
Candy Girls -- Fee Fi Fo Fum 
Orlando -- I'm Dreaming 
Party Nation -- Machine Gun 
Whigfield -- AnotherDay 
Scatman John -- Scatman 
Activate -- Save Me 
1-800-Dis-N-Dat -- Punany 
Sandmann's Dummies -- Ach Du Meine Nase 
Leila K. -- Electric 
AWeX -- It's Our Future 
Mephisto -- You Got MeBurning Up 
Steven Levis Project -- Out Of My Hand 
Swing -- Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 
Tinman -- Gudvibe 
Nina -- The Reason Is You 
DJ Bobo -- Love Is All Around 
Mr. President -- I'll FollowThe Sun 
Sin With Sebastian -- Shut Up And Sleep With Me 
La Bouche -- I Love To Love 
Afrika Bambaataa -- Feel The Vibe 
Double Vision -- Knockin' 
Sandy -- Bad Boy 
Just Luis -- American Pie Penelope -- Take A Chance 
Tinman -- Gudvibe 
DJ Bobo -- Freedom 
Antares -- Ride On A Meteorite 
General Base -- I See You 
Basic Element -- The Ride 
Michael J. Gibbs -- Back To Heaven N-Trance -- Set You Free 
Perfect Beat -- Perfect Beat 
Devotion -- Fading Away 
Activate -- I Say What I Want 
Copernico -- I Believe 
Urgent C. -- Wish You Were Here 
Masterboy -- Anybody - Movin'On 
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy -- Everybody On The Floor 
Haddaway -- Fly Away 
Garfield -- Cool Cat 
First Base -- Love Is Paradise 
Dr. DJ Cerla* -- Everybody Pom Pom 
Yves Deruyter -- Calling Earth Tokyo Ghetto Pussy -- Everybody On The Floor 
Playahitty -- 1-2-3-Train With Me 
E-Rotic -- Fred Come To Bed 
E-Rotic -- Willy Use A Billy...Boy 
Mr. President -- 4 On The Floor 
Scatman John...
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