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We decided to talk about prosthesis because we think they are very important to the community that do not have a limb of their body.

And we think that forthis people live their life like a normal person without they being discriminated and for they feel in harmony .Because for a person who does not have a limb it´s hard to live.Prosthesis are parts artificially created to replace lost body parts or nonexistent.


The evolution of prosthesis was gradual and slow:

- First, as we can see in theimage, we can see that didn´t use prosthesis yet.

- A few years past were invented the first prosthesis made of wood and leather.

- Nowadays because of the technological evolutionthere are prosthesis with articulations and made of metal.

- We think that in the future there will be more advanced prosthesis which we won`t suspect that are prosthesis.There are different types of prosthesis and we are going to talk about just two types: Prosthetic arms and legs.

Examples of prosthesis:

- Oscar Pistorius was the first athletethat wore prosthetic legs in the competition. He is known as "Blade Runner" for not having both legs and use prosthesis made ​​of wood and carbon fiber. He won four gold medals and foursilver medals.

- There are many dogs wearing prosthesis, nowadays. For example this dog in the image lost the two front paws which were replaced by prosthesis.

- Nigel Acklandis a man who wears prosthetic arms and he can even hold an egg with his prosthesis. He thinks that he looks like the” terminator”.


Those prosthesis are veryimportant to the community, because with those prosthesis people can be comfortable and look like a human person, with all their limbs.

And they can enjoy their life.