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It’s nice to meet you.
I’m Jennifer Miller
Michael: Hi. My name is Michael Ota
Jennifer: I’m Jennifer Miller
Michael: It’s nice to meet you, Jennifer.
Jennifer: Niceto meet you, too.
Michael: I’m sorry. What’s your last name again?
Jennifer: It’s Miller.
Fist Names
Last Names
Popular Names and Nicknames inthe U.S.
For Males
Names Nicknames
Anthony Tony
Christopher Chris
Michael Mike
Matthew Matt

Conversation He’s over there
Jennifer: Excuse me. Are you Steven Carson?
David:No, I’m not. He’s over there.
Jennifer: Oh, I’m sorry
Jennifer: Steven? This is your book
Steven: Oh, it’s my math book! Thanks. You’re in my class, right?
Jennifer: Yes, Iam. I’m Jennifer Miller
Steven: It’s nice to meet you.
Steven: Hey, David, this is Jennifer. She’s in our math class.
David: Hi, Jennifer.
Jennifer: Hi, David. Nice to meetyou.
Grammar Focus
The verb be
I’m Jennifer
You’re in may class
She’s in our class (Jennifer is in our class)
He’s over there. (Steven is over there)
It’s my math book.It’s Miller. ( My last name is Miller)
Are you Steven Carson?
Yes , I, am.
Not, I’m not
How are you?
I’m fine.
I’m = I am
You’re = You are
He’s = He isShe’s = She is
It’s = It is

What’s This?
Conversation They’re… Interesting
Wendy: Wow! What’s this?
Helen: It’s a camera.
Wendy: Oh, cool! Thank you, Helen. It’s great!Helen: You’re Welcome.
Rex: Now open this box
Wendy: Ok. Uh, what are these?
Rex: They’re earrings.
Wendy:Oh. They’re … Interesting.
Thank you, Rex. They’re very nice.