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  • Publicado : 9 de abril de 2012
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April 3, 1028
Today was kind of a weird day. I woke up in my house and I saw my servant putting some kind of screen around my bed but I was so tired from yesterday’s party that I couldn’t evenget up. Man that party was crazy! After I fell asleep again and woke up I said to my servant “Hey you, go get me some orange juice and come back over here, we need to have a little talk. So he got myjuice and said “Sir, what do you want to talk about?”
“What is that screen around my bed?”
“It’s a new way of decorating the room and there is a person behind the screen but you can only open itif you have enough intimacy with the person because if you open it, you have to marry the person behind it.”
“Oh … ok” Since I was so desperate after my wife died, I went close to the screen andopened it, but then came a surprise, a guy, my first reaction was like :o. But gay marriage isn’t legal so, I got a bit of luck that time.

Today different from yesterday was almost a normalday, today I had to find a wife to get married. So I asked my servant if there were any other screens I could take a “look” at. So he took me to another screen and said “This one is going to bedifferent, there is no men behind it!” I smiled a little but not because it was funny but because I was kind of mad about yesterday. So the first thing I was looking for in the girls were theircharacteristics, like bright red lips, long black hair and the one I like the most, Highly painted eyebrows. So I asked my servant if any of women behind the screen had any of these characteristics, he said that allof them did, man I was so happy, so I asked him “Can I open the screen?” and he said “Not yet, you haven’t met her yet so you can’t do it!” so I asked him “but when can I meet her?” he told me inabout a few hours so I got dressed up and we went to a dinner party. It was pretty nice over there, but just to summarize this day I would say it was actually pretty good, I mean I still got a women...
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