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Race and Ethnicity - White:
1. Usually white people are protagonists of movies and soap operas;
2. I have no difficulty in finding products, as produced by the makeup industry is made for people ofmy color.
3. In college, people will think I'm there because I studied hard and deserved to be there, not because a law has benefited me;
4. The jokes that I listen to aren’t related to my skincolor;
5. The first thing people notice on me won’t be my skin color;
6. If a neighbor sees me jumping over the wall of my house, because I forgot my key, it will probably help me, and do not call thepolice
7. It is not to be compared with a monkey.
8. If I do something wrong, people will judge that as an individual error, not an error in my (skin color) group.
9. My hair is always consideredgood, even when I'm a "bad hair day".

10. My God made me in his image and likeness. Even His son is my color;

Sex/Gender - Man
1. It does not have to change surname at marriage;
2. Can getold and have your gray hair associated with power and charm and wrinkles are associated with experience;
3. Can be listened to because they have something interesting to say, not because they areattractive;
4. Is not to hear all the time that to be a complete man, they need to have children;
5. Do not have to keep doing diet all the time and depriving themselves of delicious food, because theyare able to prove their value through other ways, not just by the shape of their body;
6. Don’t need to keep legs, armpits and private parts waxed;
7. Don't suffer from premenstrual syndrome oreven menstruate;
8. Do not suffer from domestic violence, because there will not be someone stronger than them who thinks that have the right to hit.
9. Get drunk and do not be raped;
10. Do not haveto wear high heels, or type of shoe that hurts, unbalances or even deform the feet.

Sexuality - Heterosexual:
1. Opposite sex-couples can hug, kiss and hold hands in public without people...
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