Princípios estratégicoas do sucesso

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  • Publicado : 21 de junho de 2011
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Strategic Principle of Success

What do you mean by strategic?
When you talk about strategy, you talk about sequence of action. You are sequencing your action to ensure success. Managing thesequence of your action can make a difference.
Why must I sequencing my action?
Sequencing your action can maximize results. Most people are taking haphazard action. But doing things without strategycan reduce your effectiveness. Using strategy helps you to maximize results.
What about strategic planning?
Strategic planning is the way to maximize the usefulness of the resources that you have.You are making the most on your assets to create desirable results.
Why must I use strategic planning for my personal life?
We don’t have many resources. Scarcity of resources is the reason why wemust use what we have in the best way possible. By using what we have in the best way possible, we can actually multiply our productivity. Strategic planning is crucial because we want to make the mostof our time. Time is actually our ultimate treasure.

How can I multiply my productivity?
Use the power of focus to multiply your productivity. So many people are squandering the most valuableresources of all: time. The better we are in using our time, the better our life will be. It’s by setting priority that we can multiply our productivity. Putting first things first is the key to multiplyproductivity.
What is the way to multiply productivity?
Being productive is different from being busy. Most people are busy, but they are unproductive. The reason that they are not productive isbecause they don’t focus their efforts to achieve highest value goal. The strategic key to multiply productivity is using the power of focus to accelerate progress in getting the highest value projectdone.

Please explain about highest value goal.
There are many things that can distract us from what really matter in life. The way to get us out of distraction into non-essential is by focusing...
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