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  • Publicado : 10 de novembro de 2011
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Grande Gestão
Travessa das Flores nº 6

Dear. Gentlemen,
I graduated from "técnicas de apoio á gestão" in the last
November. I would like todevelop skills and knowledge
acquired a national company of the management area.
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As you can see inmy Curriculum Vitae attached, I have some experience in several stages, including an accounting firm.

Having regard to my training, I ask that
consider myapplication for a possible collaboration in the V / company.
My availability is total for any clarifications they deem

Grateful for the interest that youmight deserve my candidacy, I present my
Best Regards.

Palmela.1 December 2010

Rafael Reis

“o tigre e a neve”
The film tells the story of a college professorwho is passionate about his ex wife. one day this man received news that his estranged wife who was in Baghdad, had suffered an accident. this man has done everythingto go to baghdad, and everything to rescue his sweetheart who was unconscious. but with the war there was no medicine to improve the patient and whenever the teacherwould look for drugs, fiu he had taken his ex-wife, played in her face.
after everything has been good for his former wife did not know who had saved him. but oneday the man returned to give him a kiss on the forehead and she felt the thread and realized it was him who had saved.

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