Porto seguro

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HistoryPorto Seguro is located in the region that was officially the first to be discovered by Portuguese navigators in the current Brazilian territory. On April 21, 1500, the navigator Pedro AlvaresCabral sighted land after leaving the coast of Africa a month earlier. The place was sighted Monte Pascoal , 62 km south of Porto Seguro. The next day, the Portuguese landed on the mainland for thefirst time in the current Brazilian territory, a place whose exact point is still debated by historians. On April 24, the expedition anchored in Porto Seguro. In 1530, when trade with the East Indiaweakened, Portugal became interested in the new land discovered and came to take possession of it. Earth is that it should by the Treaty of Tordesillas . In colonial times , was called Porto SeguroNhoesembé.

Visit the historic site of the Upper City of Porto Seguro is almost a must for the thousands of tourists who arrive in Porto Seguro - City National Monument established by Presidentialdecree in 1973. One of the first housing units in Brazil, Porto Seguro, and bear the Mark of the Discovery, played an important role in the early years of colonization. This time are historic buildingsthat can be visited during the day or appreciated at night, when under the influence of special lighting. The historical tour can start by Marco 's discovery, where it opens one of the most beautifullandscapes of the coast of Porto Seguro. The milestone came in Portugal between 1503 and 1526 and symbolizes the power of the Portuguese crown, used to demarcate their land. All in-stone, is carved onone side of the Cross Order of Avis , and the other the coat of arms of Portugal.

In the same area, is the church of Nossa Senhora da Pena , built in 1535 by the donee of the captaincy, Pero do CampoTourinho . There are kept sacred images of sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including that of St. Francis of Assisi - first image brought to Brazil - and Nossa Senhora da Pena, patroness of the...
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