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1) Complete the chart
Buy bought
Go went
Come came
Have had
Do did
Read read
Eat ate
Ride rode
Feel felt
See saw
get up got up
sit sat
Carol and Max did different things last weekend. What Carol DID, max DIDN’T .Write sentences follow the example:
Carol study to the test.
Max didn’t study to the test
Carol clean the kitchentoday.
Max didn’t clean the kitchen today.
Carol didn’t play golf last weekend
Max play golf last weekend
Carol didn’t watch tv today.
Max watch tv today with friends.
Carol listen to music walk to the job
Max didn’t listen to music on the mall.
Carol didn’t walk into the park on rain days.
Max walk into the park in rain days.Example: Carol studied. Max didn’t study.
2) Ben is writing in his journal. Rewrite the paragraph correcting the verbs from simple present to
What a great day! This afternoon, I invite some friends over after school. We stop at the video store, but we don’t get a movie. We play basketball and listen to music. Mom cooks some hamburgers for dinner. After dinner, we watch television.What a great day! This afternoon, I invited some friends over after school. We stoped at the video store, but we don’t got a movie. We played basketball and listen to music. Mom cooked some hamburgers for dinner. After dinner, we watched television.

A) This morning, Kelly call. She invite me to her sister’s birthday party,so I walk to the mall. The party start at 7:00 and end at 10:00. Kelly and I dance and talk all evening. She’s really cool.

Invited – walked – danced - talked

B) I study this morning. In the afternoon, Mom, Dad, and I shop for groceries. Then I help Mom with the dinner. After dinner, I clean my room. In the evening, I call Kelly, but we don’t talk very long. Tomorrow’s a school day, so I’mgoing to go to bed now. Good night!

Studied – shopped – cleaned – called - talked

4) Read and answer the questions.
Peter had a busy weekend. On Friday night after work, he opened the mail and wrote some letters. On Saturday morning, he got up at 7:30 and stood in time at the post office for two hours! He went home, cleaned the house, and worked in the yard all afternoon. He stayed home onSaturday night and started his laundry. He was tired so he went to bed early. On
Sunday, he got up at seven o'clock, finished the laundry, and shopped for groceries. Then he went to the gym and exercised. After that, he washed his car. On Sunday night, his grandparents came to visit and he cooked dinner. They stayed late, so he went to bed around midnight. On Monday, he was happy to go back towork!

a) How was Peter’s weekend? Busy
b) What did he do on Saturday night? Stay home and start laundry
c) Did he go to bed early or late on Sunday night? Early
d) How did he feel on Monday? Happy to back to work.
e) Why do you think he felt that way on Monday? Because he has a intensive weekend.

5) Complete the conversation using the SIMPLE PAST.and the correct SUBJECT if necessary.
A:So, Megan, you had (you – have) a good summer?
B: Well, I had an interesting summer. My sister and her family visited (visit) for two weeks.
A: That’s nice.
B: Yes, and no. My sister didn’t feeling (not feel) well, so she sat (sit) on the sofa and watched (watch) television. She hardly ever got up (get up).
A: Oh, well. And her husband and kids has ( her husband and kids have ) a good time?
B:I think so. They played (play) volleyball and rode (ride) their bikes every day.
A: And you went out (you – go out) to any restaurants?
B: No, I cooked (cook) breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. They ate (eat)
A lot of food, but they not washed (not wash ) any dishes.
B: That’s too bad.so you relaxed (you – relax) at all last summer?
A: Yes, My sister and her family finally went (go)...