Pontos positivos e negativos de gerencia

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  • Publicado : 16 de abril de 2012
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Why I would like to be a manager?
1. To have a strategic vision of the company.
2. To create and motivate good teams with leadership.
3. Collaborate with others toachieve their goals.
4. To focus in the results.
5. Have authorization to create incentive and renew the team for a good relationship.
6. Feel to recognition of the team on having myself aspartner, leader and not only as the boss.
7. See the team growing under your management.
8. Deal with people directly.
9. Help people to improve.
10. Indentify talents on their careerdevelopment.

Negative things you see about management.
1. High pressure to achieve company goals. Mainly in crises periods.
2. Deal with different opinions in the same working group when ithas people from different generation, time with the company and values.
3. Lead difficult people. Which normally wants your support but also do not want you telling them what to do.
4. Managethe difference between your employees’ goals and the company goals. Lack of clear and transparent criteria for what is expected of each position what can put the professional performance far oforganizational goals.
5. Difficult to retain good professionals.
6. Difficult to deal with your employee view about you as a manager. They will to a better job if you explain them the importance ofwhat they are doing instead of obligate than to follow your orders.
7. Know how to take control of a difficult situation and take difficult decisions without missing the calm.
8. Be aware thatyou are more observed than the others. You effectively are an example, whether good or bad.
9. Manage SFA questions in order to have them understanding the questionnaire and as well as yourposture when taking decision which do not go with the most part of them.
10. Be fair with all team according to Policy and Procedures without taking in consideration personal relationship you can have...