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With that said, business need is to enhance CI&A capability for data processing and analysis by decreasing total leadtime to generate new information from the moment that the data is purchased/ received and by increasing processing capability: manage high volumes of data, allow interchangeable data by mixing different sources and provide better graphical capabilities through dashboards,provide several features to facilitate access to information (drill, formatting, export, design, filter, saving as a new report, etc.). Also, enhance business units decision making by providing strategic information that blends external and internal market and BMS data in a self-service mode: final user accesses the system and selects from a variety or reports and dashboards desired content.To sum up, by enhancing this analytical capability and allowing business users to better manipulate diverse sources of information, we expect to provide better information to lead to better customer insights and consequently better decision making.
Project Scope:
The following topics are in scope for this project:
* Include new data sources into MicroStrategy system:
* Internaldemand and BMS invoicing data from demand system: create one dashboard and five reports;
* Close Up Market and Audit Pharma external audit data: create one dashboard and five reports ;
* Public Market data from SUS (SUS is a Brazilian acronym that stands for “Unique Health Care System”): create one dashboard and five reports;
* Create two additional dashboards that will mixinformation from other dashboards in the same screen;
* Enhance current infrastructure by implementing two new servers: one for application and another one for web services;
* Provide nominal licenses to selected managerial level users as described below:
* 38 report services licenses (access to dashboards and reports);
* 4 web analyst licenses (for CI&A team);
* 1 webprofessional license for system administration purposes;
* Annual maintenance services from MicroStrategy that include system updates;

Further details are provided in project´s scope statement document.
Project Governance and Organization:
Project pre-assigned resources, stakeholders and governance structure are described below:
* Governance structure
* Steering Committee;* Project Management Office (PMO group);
* Project Management team;
* Key-users;
* Pre-assigned resources
* Marcelo Paiva from commercial will join PMO group;
* Gleisson Ferreira from commercial assigned as key-user;
* Michel Conte assigned as PMO and key-user from Market Access;
* Rodolfo Ferreira assigned as key-user from Market Access;
*Gênesis Carmona from CI&A as business project manager;
* Adriano Carmo from IT as project manager;
* Alexandre Leão from “Trust” partner as project manager for Trust resources;
* Érika Santos, Daniel Alves and Fernando Ramirez from CI&A as key-users;
* Stakeholders described at stakeholders list document;
Stakeholder’s requirements as known
* It is expectedthat current project will not affect existent data sources in MicroStrategy application, implemented from phase 1. It is also expected that system performance will remain the same or will increase;
* Include interviews with business unit leaders during requirement gathering phase;
* Currently we have at least four different sources for invoicing data in the company. It is expected thatthis project will help to create a single and reliable source for invoicing data;
* It is expected to support basic features with a simplification mindset as guideline and not support 100% of requirements that will be captured from key-users;
* Deliver project by January 2013 with demand and invoicing data during 2012 if possible;
* Time constraints
* Project...